Minerals Commodity Trading

Bridging the Gap between High-Grade Minerals and Global Markets

Nahas Mining offers premier minerals commodity trading services, connecting producers of high-grade minerals with international markets. With our extensive network and in-depth knowledge of the commodities market, we serve as the vital link between supply and demand.

Trading Services

Our trading services encompass a broad range of minerals including Fluorspar, Coal, Iron Ore, and more. We specialize in high-grade minerals from Mongolia and Sudan, leveraging our established relationships with reliable miners and producers.

Our trading process is meticulous and transparent. We ensure that all our commodities are responsibly sourced, rigorously tested for quality, and comply with international trading standards. We handle all aspects of the trading process from sourcing the commodities, quality control, to logistics and delivery.


With Nahas Mining as your trading partner, you can expect:

Access to high-grade minerals from reliable sources

Competitive pricing due to our extensive network and market knowledge

Transparent and efficient trading process

Assurance of ethical and responsible sourcing

Expert handling of logistics and delivery

Case Study: High-Grade Fluorspar Trading



Our client, a leading chemical industry firm, was in need of a consistent and reliable supply of High-Grade Fluorspar (Met-Spar), a critical raw material for various processing and manufacturing needs. The challenge was twofold: ensuring the regular supply of high-grade fluorspar, and coordinating the logistics for consistent, on-time delivery.


Nahas Mining leveraged its extensive network and strong relationships with reliable miners in Mongolia to secure a steady supply of high-grade fluorspar. We worked closely with our mining partners to ensure the quality of the fluorspar met the client’s stringent specifications.

In addition, we utilized our expertise in logistics and supply chain management to coordinate the delivery of the fluorspar to the client’s facilities. This included navigating customs and import regulations, arranging for transportation, and ensuring the on-time delivery of the product.


As a result of our efforts, the client was able to maintain their production schedule without any disruptions due to supply issues. They reported satisfaction with both the quality of the fluorspar and the reliability of the delivery. This successful partnership has led to an ongoing relationship with the client for their fluorspar needs.


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